Why portrait photography? I love those old tin-type antique pictures hanging on walls. These are the new tin-types that will be hanging on walls far into the future. Let's work together to make amazing beautiful  pictures of you and your family for those future walls. 

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Warm Weather and a Vaccine

March 12, 2021

Sierra Dispenza swings at a birthday celebration pinata in Tucson
Sierra Dispenza swings at a birthday celebration piñata in Tucson. Shot with my tiny Fuji X100V and pushed to it’s maximum ability.

Sitting at the kitchen table watching the sun move across the polished wood, listening to Journey, and hoping enough people want the vaccination so Michelle and I can get busy with wedding photography this summer. One couple has already cancelled, while others are busy inquiring for dates. With my triathlon schedule the dates are filling up fast. So I encourage you to get busy with scheduling soon. Please, please get vaccinated so we can start celebrating life and love again.

Just this morning I read the beautiful words while looking at these photos in a New York Times opinion story and missed, really sadly missed, seeing this at wedding receptions and doing it myself once upon a time. Memories of feeling loud music pound in my head, dancing, and kissing a loved one on the floor almost made me cry. Let’s get there again! Like the president said last night, we can get there if we all work together as one.

Dancing and loving transcend politics and opinion. It’s who we all are as humans. We can forget anger and fear and politics for a brief moment in our lives while feeling the beat of our favorite music and sweating together on a dance floor. It’s who we are all meant to be.

I’m really looking forward to big, loud, happy weddings and seeing the moments of peoples lives unspooling in front of my camera wanting to be frozen for all time and enjoyed for years to come. It’s why I love wedding photography.

When the vaccine becomes available for you – sign up, line up, and get the shot. It will lift a weight from your shoulders. You’ll feel free again. I’ve had both now because we set our house up as an EEC. You really do feel good afterwards. When the sun shines, it shines brighter. When the music plays, it makes you want to dance. When I see my wife laughing, it makes me want to kiss her. A new age is upon us, let’s live and celebrate it together.

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