Why portrait photography? I love those old tin-type antique pictures hanging on walls. These are the new tin-types that will be hanging on walls far into the future. Let's work together to make amazing beautiful  pictures of you and your family for those future walls. 

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A couple years ago I lugged my gear up Misery Ridge to do senior portraits on top of Smith Rock. That was some real work. My camera and lighting equipment isn't Pacific Crest Trail light. Afterwards I made a new rule: extra work like that means extra money. 

I am more than happy to climb mountains, hike canyons, crawl through caves, mountain bike anyplace, even swim out to the middle of Elk Lake, or travel to a destination for your portraits. But it will cost extra. 

The extra cost for the effort is of course negotiable and a lot depends on how amazing I think the pictures will be. The extra cost for hiking Smith Rock or South Sister for an afternoon/evening portrait photography session will be a couple hundred bucks. The extra cost for me to swim to the middle of Elk Lake for evening portraits will be much less, if anything at all. 

Anything around town will of course be included in the normal price. This includes fly fishing on the Deschutes, mountain biking on Phil's, or just a portrait photography session in Drake Park. I may have to add a couple bucks for portraits up at Elk, Sparks, Todd, or Devils Lakes because of time and gas rather than effort.

Think "creative potential" for extra costs. I love to be creative and challenged with getting the best pictures possible. The more creative and fun ideas you can think up, the cheaper the travel and effort costs will be.

It's wonderful to work with creative and fun people.  Blending light and emotion as the creative process guides our session results in beautiful art reflecting the true you.  The pictures sparkle with magic and glow with a life of their own.  Your portraits will transform into treasures with the passage of time.



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