How do you want to be known in the present  and remembered in the future? Through a  series of camera-phone selfies standing in front of random locations or in a creative portrait showing the living and breathing you?

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While surfing the web I usually look at sites concerning photography. There are occasions when we have a need for a household or lifestyle item and I go to regular sites. Almost all the local websites show third rate portrait photography. Yes that opinion sounds harsh, but I look through pictures for a living.

People get their first impressions of your business while seeing your website. Photography is the number one thing people notice when first opening a site. Words, on the other hand, are the number one thing the search engine robots use to rank your site. So you absolutely need both visual and verbal content to be ranked, noticed, and ultimately used.

Most Bend businesses invest a pile of money on the physical location, hiring someone to do their website, business cards and stationary, advertising, etc. Then they use iPhone snapshots for their portraits because they didn't budget for photography or they don't think it's important. 

Let me tell you a secret: nice photography on your website is probably more important than business cards. Business cards have never brought me business. Nice pictures on my website are everything. 

Let's be creative for your headshots of employees and do real portraits showing some personality. Emotion sells better than robot portraits. Dare to be different and unique. Show your people doing something they love, be it mountain biking, rock climbing, fly fishing, or whatever. Bring personality and a unique look to your website.

Does Apple sell their products with dull pictures of people sitting at a desk looking at a machine? Or do they sell their products showing active people filled with emotion?

Let me help you and your business be more than you are now with creative portrait photography showing the real you.

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It's wonderful to work with creative and fun people.  Blending light and emotion as the creative process guides our session results in beautiful art reflecting the true you.  The pictures sparkle with magic and glow with a life of their own.  Your portraits will transform into treasures with the passage of time.


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