Why portrait photography? I love those old tin-type antique pictures hanging on walls. These are the new tin-types that will be hanging on walls far into the future. Let's work together to make amazing beautiful  pictures of you and your family for those future walls. 

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My specialties are contemporary art portraits of individuals, family portraits outdoors, business and actor headshots, senior portraits, lifestyle portraits, engagement portraits, and personal branding portraits. Headshots and personal branding pictures not printed and only saved and sent electronically cost less. I sell individual prints and print packages with digital backups of all the prints you buy.

Each portrait session is guided by what you want and what we can create together. If you only need one or two pictures for your business profile, I would love to be your photographer. If you would love a set of 25 Rembrandt-style prints of yourself in a beautiful portfolio box to keep forever, I would love to be your photographer. If you want family portraits in Elk Meadow at sunset, I would love to be your photographer. 

All portrait sessions in the indoor studio can include hair and makeup if you want them done. We can have several outfit changes to go with different looks and backgrounds. I will do pictures until we are done with new ideas for more pictures. 

My goals are for you to have fun during the portrait session and to have you feel joy when you see your prints.

Yes, I shoot weddings. My wedding portfolio and all the information you need for me to be your wedding photographer are on my Bend Wedding Photography website. I keep these two websites separate for the same reason why Honda keeps their cars separate from their other businesses: I don't want to dilute my brand. I can do all different kinds of photography but weddings and portraits are what I do mostly. If you're here, you want to know about portrait photography. If you're at my wedding website, you want to know about wedding and engagement portrait photography. Please notice I don't have food, real estate, sports team, or school photography anyplace because I don't do that kind of photography. Portraits and weddings: that's what I'm good at, that's what I do.

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"Life is once.


-Henri Cartier Bresson

It's wonderful to work with creative and fun people.  Blending light and emotion as the creative process guides our session results in beautiful art reflecting the true you.  The pictures sparkle with magic and glow with a life of their own.  Your portraits will transform into treasures with the passage of time.



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