Why portrait photography? I love those old tin-type antique pictures hanging on walls. These are the new tin-types that will be hanging on walls far into the future. Let's work together to make amazing beautiful  pictures of you and your family for those future walls. 

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Seeing people tear up with happiness when seeing their pictures for the first time makes me happy. When doing portraits I'm trying to visualize what new way of seeing them will bring those tears.  This motivates me to dig down deep into my creative well and pull something new and fun to try for our portrait session together. 

It's what I love most about wedding and portrait photography.

Just as every person or family is different, I work to make every portrait different to match the person or family. My newspaper editors would never accept the same picture over and over again. So I learned to always seek something new and interesting. When you see the pictures in my portfolio please understand I'll be trying my best to make your portraits look unique and not exactly like what you're seeing on this website.

My favorite portrait photographers all use artificial light to help make the pictures stand out and show the personality of the subjects. I spend hours and hours studying the work of the masters gleaning as much insight into their work as possible in order to put it to work for your portrait photography session. 

It's wonderful to work with creative and fun people.  Blending light and emotion as the creative process guides our session results in beautiful art reflecting the true you.  The pictures sparkle with magic and glow with a life of their own.  Your portraits will transform into treasures with the passage of time.



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