Why portrait photography? I love those old tin-type antique pictures hanging on walls. These are the new tin-types that will be hanging on walls far into the future. Let's work together to make amazing beautiful  pictures of you and your family for those future walls. 

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February 17, 2021

This is my new portrait photography website and blog. It needs some posts. It needs some pictures. Fulfilling these needs will take some time. I will have to make blogging regularly a new habit. I’ll have to learn a few things, like the links to the top of the page need to be figured out. How to I put pictures into the blog? Do posts show up easily?

Lots of things to know and just thinking about them makes my brain hurt. I guess the categories are People, Places, and Things. My first post will go into Things maybe?

People should be easy because portrait photography is about people. So doing blogs about people and my work as a portrait photographer should be easy to categorize. Places is easy for me because I also do landscape photography and go on many road-trips to cool locations for my work.

The big question: Things. What the devil do I write about this confusing category? Equipment comes to mind. I use off-camera lighting extensively in my work and the lights used are made by Profoto. I’m also in the process of switching over to mirrorless cameras from DLSR’s. It’s been quite a journey.

Another Thing will be the training and dieting I do for the racing my wife, Mary, and I do. She does full triathlons while I do a crazy race called aquabike. It’s a triathlon without the running. So think Swim/Bike/Run for a triathlon and Swim/Bike/Done for an aquabike.

You might be thinking “Why does doing a race matter for a portrait photography blog?”

Here’s why: I also do wedding photography with a very talented photographer Michelle Tullis at Four Eyes Photographers here in Bend, Oregon. Most people want to look their best for their wedding; meaning they want to appear skinny and fit for the big day. Exercise and eating right are the two ways to look good.

Racing a bike as part of the aquabike is all about being as light as possible. Nationals in September 2021 will be held in New York about an hour north of the city in a very hilly state park. My goal is to lose some serious weight be then. Next time you go for a bike ride, load about 20 pounds into a pack and ride it up and down hills for a couple hours. Then the time after that take the weight out. Observe the difference in joy.

Diet and exercise takes up a great deal of my time and effort. So information on this will go into the Things category to keep the blog simple.

I still need to figure out how to get these posts into the correct category on the home page. I still need to make blogging a habit. So here’s to starting and making this blog real.

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