Welcome to my new wedding photography blog. Yay! It's taken forever to get this far, and now finally being here I'm looking forward to regular updates. The old blog will still exist, however I won't be writing about weddings and portraits so much. Instead it will be more about the nuts and bolts of lighting and photography, landscape photography, and road-tripping. I love these things and talking about them, but not here. This site will be about current wedding, portrait, and editorial photography.

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Test post

It's been forever and a month since I've done any work on the blog. There's been lots going on and now I have to finally figure out how this new template works. So here goes.

It's typing. Now to figure out how to get pictures onto the blog. 

Seems like a picture is on there. Now to see what it looks like? Computers rarely work as advertised for me, so this will be a miracle if it posts.

That said, I'm a wiz at the photography programs.

Cross your fingers